Win2 Isotonic Lemon Tea Pdr 800g

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Ceci est un médicament, pas d'utilisation au long cours sans avis médical, tenir hors de portée des enfants, lire attentivement la notice. Consultez votre médecin ou votre pharmacien. En cas d'effets secondaires, contactez votre médecin.


It is important that your body is equipped with fuel and a proper fluid balance if you make an effort is going to do. The WIN2 Isotonic Sport drink allows for both so that you know the optimal performance can be put down. The delicious taste of the Isotonic Sport drink will make you keep drinking to dehydration and an energy deficit. Also delicious drink to get warm during the cold training days.

There are a lot of athletes who do not respond well to gluten. These are are mostly athletes with sensitive intestines that intestinal problems and cramping experienced during the effort and after the use of sports nutrition. The WIN2 Isotonic Sport drink Lemon Tea is, as the entire WIN2 selection, gluten-free.


Recommendations for use:Drinking about 15 minutes for your effort 200-350 ml Isotonic600-1000 ml Isotonic drink during the effort per hour15 grams Isotonic Sport drink for 250 ml of waterQuantity depends on temperature conditions and weight of athlete.

Nutrition per serving (30 grams):
kcal: 109
Fat: 0.0 gram
Saturated fat: 0.0 gram
Carbohydrates: 27 gram
Sugars: 23 gram
Proteins: 0.0 gram
Largeur124 mm
Longueur162 mm
Profondeur124 mm